Tuesday, 19 January 2016

David Bowie's Top 10 facts

10.     Number of UK number one albums by Bowie.

9.       Number of live albums released by Bowie.

8.       Number of Bowie singles in this week’s vinyl chart… yes there’s still an official vinyl singles chart.

7.       Number of Bowie albums in this week’s top twenty.

6.       Bowie’s first number one album was his sixth: Aladdin Sane.

5.       Number of UK number one singles by Bowie.

4.       Number of UK number one singles by Bowie in the eighties… amazingly only one single reached number one in the seventies and that was a reissue of 1969’s Space Oddity.

3.       Bowie’s favourite chart position in the seventies. Drive-in Saturday, Life on Mars, Sorrow and Sound & Vision all reached number three.

2.       Number of pronunciations of ‘Bowie’ by Bowie.

1.       Blackstar is this week’s number one album in the UK and his first number one album in the USA.

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