Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pitching it at CMC


I've reviewed three pitching sessions from the Children's Media Conference.

Put your money where your mouth is

CMC. Doctor Who writer discovers a new word.

Phil Ford, executive producer and co-creator of Wizards vs Aliens was speaking at last week's Children's Media Conference in a session entitled, 'Transmedia - Where Do I Start? The writer was intrigued by a word he had not heard before. 

Mind Candy's COO, Divinia Knowles, explained that Moshi Monsters would always be bigger than just the digital side, describing the property as ‘Toy-etic.’
‘Toy-etic, that’s a new word for me,’ said wordsmith, Phil Ford, who has also written  for Doctor Who and Captain Scarlet. The panel then considered if merchandising was part of transmedia – Phil stating that the great thing about toys is that children can make up their own stories with them.
The full story on Transmedia and why Phil Ford belives the Doctor Who online games are cannon can be found on the CMC Blog

Out of my head

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