Thursday, 21 June 2012

Psychedelic Smoke: Mrs Tiggywinkle moves in

This hedgehog with at least two offspring, has moved into the mound of leaves at the base of our wisteria.

It's the first time we've had the honour of being hosts to the prickly creatures since moving into Bor Mansions  fifteen years ago.

In fact you hardly ever see squashed hedgehogs on the roads of Mid-Devon, so there can't be many about these days.

Watching her face peer out from her den, I can see how Beatrix Potter and Alison Uttley were inspired to create their books.

When I was growing up, Mrs Tiggywinkle inspired my aunt to call her cairn terrier, Tiggy, as it had looked like a baby hedgehog when it had first arrived. Much as I enjoyed the world of Beatrix Potter, it was Alison Uttley's Wandering Hedgehog that made me curious. Just what was in the hedgehog's smoking pipe that produced those psychedelic images?

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