Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Instant Magic; My Polaroid days.

My first instant camera, taken by my iPhone, my latest instant camera.

I started making animated films while still at school. Cutout films were produced in my back garden with my Standard 8mm and later, Super 8 home movie cameras, and featured changing lighting conditions and gusts of wind that blew legs and arms away from my characters.

While I waited ten days for the results to come back from Kodak, I would create a more instant form of storytelling. My Polaroid camera was used to take stills to illustrate my early storytelling. They are far too embarrassing to publish, but still exist. Looking at these small black and white photos, I can still recall the excitement as, aided by the waft of chemical, I peeled back the grey paper to reveal my latest attempt at photography. And they haven't even faded after forty years.

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