Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Coat and the City of Glass

I was with an artist friend of mine, eating fish and chips in Falmouth.  He turned to me and asked me where I had got my coat from.

Despite my wife and kids telling me I look like a tramp in it, readers of this blog will know how attached I am to my coat, so I was pleased with the interest.

However, my friend went on to say that he was looking for a beat up old brown coat for reference in a series of paintings. 

Later, in Ashley Hanson's Bodmin studio, he talked through the ideas behind his latest, impressive, painting in his City of Glass series, as well as taking some reference shots of the coat. He tells the story behind these painting in his blog:

Informed by the writings of Paul Auster, the series takes it's name from  the first book in his The New York Trilogy.


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Ashley Hanson ART said...

Love the connections-'Famous Blue Raincoat' (sincerely, L.Cohen),plays in the studio while the
Famous Brown Overcoat appears in the painting....Ashley

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