Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A few clues about my novel

It's about time I published a few words from the children's novel I've been crafting over the last few months.

Chapter 1 introduces the main protagonist and contains the words 'Squealed', 'Victoria Station' and 'Bishop's'.

Chapter 2 sees our protagonist feel the full force of the law and uses the words 'Waterloo' and 'Warehouse' in the same sentence.

Chapter 3 is set on the other side of the river and uses words such as 'Reggae', 'Enthusiastic' and 'GCSE'.

Chapter 4 opens with the line, ‘Breakfast is on the table. Come down at once.’

A mirror and a hooded-man feature in the plot.

A pair of glasses are broken.

The first word in the novel no longer begins with an 'H', but now starts with the full name of the protagonist.

The first letter of the title is still 'B'.

The final chapter is set in the same location as the first.

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