Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Napoleon: 1984 - 2012


For the first time in twenty two years, we are horseless; the ritual of mucking out stables before breakfast has now past.

My wife had always wanted a pony as a child, and, once we had settled into country life in Devon, a succession of ponies and horses soon started to move in with us.

Reckless gallops and canters across the Blackdown Hills turned to cautious hacking on quiet lanes, once we had children to look after as well.

Four years ago we retired our long standing companions, Tyrian and Napoleon.

Tyrian died two years ago, and today my wife's horse, Napoleon, had to be put to sleep after a long standing condition worsened. At 28, he was a good age and had been with us since 1996.

We'll have a drink to our old friend tonight. He'll be missed.

Napoleon 1984-2012.

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Graham said...

Sorry to hear it, Simon. Although I'm not, and never have been, a horsey person, I have an innate respect for these most majestic of creatures.

Although I never thought I'd be saying this, here's to Napoleon!

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